TfL roads more dangerous for pedestrians

July 10th, 2013


New research released today has revealed that the ‘Red Routes’ operated by Transport for London are becoming more dangerous for pedestrians.

It also shows that the increase in accidents has grown three times faster than on roads controlled by local councils.

The research carried out for London Assembly Labour Transport spokeswoman Val Shawcross AM shows that the number of accidents in 2012 rose to 323 from 243 in 2011 – a 33% increase. For roads controlled by London’s councils the number of pedestrian accidents rose from 735 to 799 over the same period – an increase of 9%.

The ‘Red Routes’ operated by TfL cover 5% of all London roads, with the remaining 95% run by London’s 32 borough councils and the City of London corporation in their respective areas. In 2011, the Red Routes made up 24.8% of all pedestrian fatal and serious casualties, but in 2012 this rose to 28.8%.

London Assembly Labour Transport spokeswoman, Val Shawcross AM, said:

“London’s Red Routes are already much more dangerous than locally controlled roads. The Mayor should be taking action now to improve pedestrian and cycling safety on the Red Routes by controlling speeds and improving pedestrian crossings.

“Instead we have been presented with more pie-in-the-sky fantasy projects from Boris Johnson for large stretches of tunnels that will cost a reported £30billion; money that he does not have after failing to get a good deal from government in this month’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

“Today the Mayor is launching his Roads Taskforce Report. He should concentrate on using his existing resources and powers to make our roads safer for all vulnerable road users, especially pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. The current increase in casualties must be tackled as a matter of urgency, Boris can move on this now – he must act.”


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